Under Japanese regulations, registration with the authority is in principle required to conduct asset management or non-discretionary investment advisory business in Japan.

1) Asset Management Business: Asset managers are required to be registered with the Japanese regulatory authority to provide discretionary investment management services for investors including financial institutions, pension funds, mutual aid associations, schools, and other institutional investors in Japan.

2) Non-Discretionary Investment Advisory Business: Investment advisers are also required to be registered with the regulatory authority to provide investment advisory services (that mean non-discretionary advisory services(*)) for Japanese investors including institutional investors and asset managers.

(*) Investment advisers are not allowed to provide discretionary investment advice.

3) Exceptions for overseas managers and advisers: Even without registration in Japan, asset managers or investment advisers located outside Japan may enter into discretionary investment management agreements or non-discretionary investment advisory agreements respectively with Japanese investment managers only if such asset managers and investment advisers abroad are registered or licensed for their services in foreign jurisdictions.

Best Mix offers the following services to investment advisory firms as well as investment management firms based overseas who are seeking business opportunities in Japan.

(1) Translating marketing materials and reports into Japanese; and

(2) Conducting market research to see whether there are demands for specific investment strategies/asset classes in Japan.

We draw up an estimate for each of the services above upon your request.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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