Shoji Yoshikoshi

Chairmen (Co-Founder)

Shoji Yoshikoshi is one of co-founders of Best Mix Investment Co., Ltd.
He has over 35 years of asset management experience, over 20 years with Nikko Securities group .
While working for the Nikko Group, he has served as Representative Director of the Nikko Investment Technology Research Institute, Director of Investment Trusts Division, Senior Managing Director of Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd., and CEO of Global Wrap Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yoshikoshi is a Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan.

Chiharu Furukawa

Chief Executive Officer (Co-Founder)

Chiharu Furukawa founded Best Mix Investment Co., Ltd. in October 2011.
He has extensive experience in both asset management and pension business having worked for Morgan Stanley Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Nikko Securities group. At Morgan Stanley, he headed a pension marketing team and increased pension-related assets tenfold to JPY 3 trillion in five years. He was Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer when he left Morgan Stanley in August 2011.
Before joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Furukawa had been with Nikko Securities group for 19 years. In his career at Nikko Group, Furukawa had extensive experience in marketing, including four years of retail business, ten years of international business, four years of public pension business, and one year of DC pension project. In international business, he spent nine years in London where he was responsible for UK institutional investors and UK pensions.
He is a co-translator of a U.S. Labor Department report regarding 401(k) plans and its Japanese edition was published by Toyo Keizai Inc. in 1998.
In addition to his business career, Mr. Furukawa has been contributing to supporting those affected by natural disasters including the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Kyoko Nishitani


Kyoko Nishitani is Director of Operations at Best Mix Investment Co., Ltd.
She served as a secretary for Executive Vice President at Nikko Securities, and worked for Inspection Department for ten years. Ms. Nishitani joined I-O Wealth Advisors, Co., Ltd. before joining Best Mix Investment Co., Ltd. She handles Accounting and Operations at Best Mix Investment.

Takashi Okamura

Statutory Auditor

Takashi Okamura joined Best Mix as Statutory Auditor in June, 2019.
He has over 25 years of asset management and auditing experience.
He worked for Credit Suisse arms in Japan as Director of Credit Suisse Asset Management and Director of Credit Suisse Trust and Banking. He was previously Director of financial institutions at KPMG Peat Marwick Japan.
Prior to KPMG Peat Marwick, Mr. Okamura worked at Nikko Securities group for about 21 years where he served as President of Nikko Investment Management Europe for three years and President of Nikko Securities Indonesia for five years.

Mikio Takada

Corporate Adviser

Mikio Takada has over 38 years’ experience in asset management business.
He served as President of J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management (Japan) (now J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Japan)).
Prior to JP Morgan Asset Management, he spent 24 years at Nikko Securities group having worked in a wide range of business areas from retail and international sales to pension funds and investment trust business. Mr. Takada worked for a total of 12 years as head of UK institutional investor and public pension sales division in London.
Mr. Takada is a Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan. He received a Master of Economics from Matsuyama University.

Shigekazu Kurishima

Corporate Adviser

Shigekazu Kurishima has extensive experience in asset management. He was Independent Director of Fortis Investment Japan Holdings.
Prior to Fortis, he worked at Nikko Securities group for 35 years where he was assigned abroad for about 15 years. He served as Head of Nikko Securities Toronto Representative Office, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors, Chairman and CEO of Nikko International Capital Asset Management Americas, among others.

Hideki Kuroda

Corporate Adviser
President, JP Actuary Consulting Co., Ltd.

Prior to establishing JP Actuary Consulting, Hideki Kuroda worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers GHRS leading many pension consulting projects.
He started his career at The Daiwa Bank, Ltd. where he provided pension actuarial services for tax-qualified pensions and employees’ pension funds.
Mr. Kuroda is a Certified Pension Actuary and a member of the Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuary.

Dr. Hisashi Inoue

Corporate Adviser
Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University

Hisashi Inoue is now Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University, having served as a professor of the graduate school and the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
Prior to Hokkaido University, he worked for The Sanwa Bank, Bank of America and Nikko Research Center. During his tenure at Nikko Research Center, he held the positions of Director of New York Office, Head of Economic Research and Chief Economist.
Prof. Inoue holds Ph.D. in International Economics from the University of Manchester.

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